Thursday, July 28, 2011

Optimum utilization of available resources !

> Reached office at Airoli and realized, have forgotten my I-card at a relative's place in Thane, that too near Ghodbandar road at वाघबीळ  नाका.

> वाघबीळ  नाका to Thane station 45 min by bus and then Thane-Airoli 20 min by train.

> Had no patience to take the same boring route back to collect my I-card.  

> Going to Thane tomorrow from Khar(my home) to collect the I-card, would be again the same story of wasting time, energy and money(though negligible).

> Spoke to our Transport team to find out, if someone is coming from वाघबीळ  नाका in the next couple of hours. Answer I received : YES.

> Got the driver's and cab-members' numbers. Contacted one cab-member whose pick up was after वाघबीळ.

> So spoke to driver, explained him the story, requested him, if he can wait at Vaghbil naka, where my uncle will reach with the माननीय, आदरणीय guest of honour 'my I-card' :P for which the whole story is being created :D. Got another YES from him.
> Spoke to uncle, if he can do the needful :). So sweet of him to grant me another YES.

> Again a couple of calls for better co-ordination : Uncle.. the car is so n so.. number is so n so.. etc etc.. Driver.. my uncle will stand at वाघबीळ  नाका, wait there for a couple of mins bla bla bla..

> And while the conversation is going on, both meet each other and the hand-over of I-card gets executed and finally its(I-card's) journey towards my way commences.

> Whole story of mere 20mins :) And while I write this sentence, I receive the I-card as direct home delivery, rather desk delivery :P by one of the cab-members who is in my team :)

Isn't it really the optimum utilization of available resources? A live example of fruitful outcome by means of unconditional support :P

But still the baseline is, one shouldn't forget their belongings anywhere :D

- Aditi


  1. wa wa the truth is the baseline haha..anyways journey was nice with the most honourable guest