Thursday, July 28, 2011

Optimum utilization of available resources !

> Reached office at Airoli and realized, have forgotten my I-card at a relative's place in Thane, that too near Ghodbandar road at वाघबीळ  नाका.

> वाघबीळ  नाका to Thane station 45 min by bus and then Thane-Airoli 20 min by train.

> Had no patience to take the same boring route back to collect my I-card.  

> Going to Thane tomorrow from Khar(my home) to collect the I-card, would be again the same story of wasting time, energy and money(though negligible).

> Spoke to our Transport team to find out, if someone is coming from वाघबीळ  नाका in the next couple of hours. Answer I received : YES.

> Got the driver's and cab-members' numbers. Contacted one cab-member whose pick up was after वाघबीळ.

> So spoke to driver, explained him the story, requested him, if he can wait at Vaghbil naka, where my uncle will reach with the माननीय, आदरणीय guest of honour 'my I-card' :P for which the whole story is being created :D. Got another YES from him.
> Spoke to uncle, if he can do the needful :). So sweet of him to grant me another YES.

> Again a couple of calls for better co-ordination : Uncle.. the car is so n so.. number is so n so.. etc etc.. Driver.. my uncle will stand at वाघबीळ  नाका, wait there for a couple of mins bla bla bla..

> And while the conversation is going on, both meet each other and the hand-over of I-card gets executed and finally its(I-card's) journey towards my way commences.

> Whole story of mere 20mins :) And while I write this sentence, I receive the I-card as direct home delivery, rather desk delivery :P by one of the cab-members who is in my team :)

Isn't it really the optimum utilization of available resources? A live example of fruitful outcome by means of unconditional support :P

But still the baseline is, one shouldn't forget their belongings anywhere :D

- Aditi

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

De da na dan ..

                          I hadn't thought off in my life ever that someday I would be writing 'the description of my birthday'. :P But yeah, m doing it. So here it goes: For me, it was the most memorable birthday of lifetime. Honestly speaking, neither am I excited about my birthdays, nor do I like accepting gifts. But this time, it was full of just a series of surprises right from 12 am till 10 pm! 

Ideally speaking, surprises started from 11th July '11 only, when I received a courier from a very dear friend of mine. And then one more on 14th and another on 15th :) And one from a couple of friends pretty early in June only, since they were here in Mumbai.  

Since I have been into different friend groups, we have celebrated birthdays in various styles. But as I was going to celebrate this birthday of mine with family after many years, I was happy about it. I came back on 14th night from office and went to bed as usual. At sharp 12am, my mother-in-law, father-in-law, maushi entered my room literally singing the song 'Happy birthday to you'. Rutu was fast asleep :P as expected, but to my surprise, the cake was brought by him only :). So that was my first surprise. Then, at 7.10 am in the morning, Rutu handed over a box to me with the dialogue 'Happy birthday'. Couldn't understand what it is. When removed plastic, could read 'blackberry' on the box.. And yeah it was a brand new lovely purple blackberry in my hand. :). I was freezed for a couple of minutes. Hadn't thought of such thing in wildest of my dreams. :P This was surprise no. 2. Went to office and unexpectedly my colleagues had a fantastic plan for me. They had got lovely yellow, red Gerberas for me, a very nice greeting card and a beautiful Ganpati wall-hanging and guess what a Pizza party for lunch. Surprise no. 3. Phone calls of friends from various bunch of folks were accompanying me throughout the day. Left for the day early at 4pm and reached home at about 5.20pm. Poonam and her mom were there and got the 4th surprise.

Got into my room and wowww.. the room was beautifully decorated with a big greeting card made by Aai and some of my photos. 5th Surprise. Bell rang after some time, and it was my brother Chirantan!!! The 6th surprise. I was simply shocked and didn't understand how to react. Moreover, it was Chiru's own plan to surprise me. No one suggested him. He got a lovely stole especially for me from Ladakh. Then Himangi arrived, who had informed me in the morning that she is coming :) My friends Bakul and Jayada were the next guests of the surprise party, who were definitely kind of expected. So that wasn't really a surprise, but they got a lovely flower bouque, cake and some nice gifts.. The menu was Pav bhaji, Poonam's speciality and some sweets. Then we had the delicious food. And then last but not the least, my cousin sister Mithila arrived at about 10 to gimme a surprise.. So sweet of her to take pain coming all the way from Powai and to keep the same smile consistent even after the frustrating 2.5 hours in traffic jam ! The 7th surprise ! And then a lovely cake with a 3D German dictionary on the top of the cake was brought in the hall. The idea was just awesome and added to the number of surprises :P Surprise no. 8.

Thus, it was a wonderful, amazing, fantabulous day filled with a series of de da na dan pleasant surprises throughout the day!

Essay completed :P

- Aditi